The Basics

Posted on February 09, 2018

Our team at Brooklake has been working hard on the development of a strategy to help people get connected to our growing church, grow in their faith, find their place and make a difference. We call this The Basics.

The Basics are four, one hour experiences, carefully designed with the goal of growing your faith and introducing you to the mission and values of Brooklake. They are designed to help you take your next best step and be taken in succession but feel free to jump in anytime.

stepONE | Welcome to Church
first Sunday of the month
If you’re new to faith, church, or just new to Brooklake, this is the best place to start. You’ll learn the history, vision and values of Brooklake and how to best connect within our church.

stepTWO | Growing In Faith
second Sunday of the month
In stepTwo we unpack the spiritual rhythms and habits that Jesus followers engage in to help grow their faith. You’ll gain a clear understanding of what your next best steps are to keep your faith growing.

stepTHREE | Serving Jesus
third Sunday of the month
In stepThree, you will take personality and spiritual gifts assessments to determine your unique giftedness and best fit. You will have the opportunity to connect to a team, putting to use who God has made you to be so God can use you to make a difference. 

stepFOUR | Groups Launch
fourth Sunday of the month
Lasting spiritual growth occurs most powerfully when we share life with others. Groups meet throughout the region gathering in homes, coffeeshops, and any other space where they can grow in their love for God, each other, and the city. You’ll discover that everyone belongs and anyone can host.

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